Silicone 4 Hole DIY Pancake Maker

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Product material: Silica gel
Product size: About 35cm/13.78" X16cm/6.3"
Suitable temperature: - 40 ° C to 230 ° C
The characteristics: the product can be used in cake, cookies, fried egg, meet customers' various DIY.
★ An easy way to show love for your family. You can count yourself lucky that you have found this fried egg shape made of 100% food-safe silicone. In the future you will conjure up fried eggs with even more passion. Your sweetheart will see and taste it! Or several dear people in your life.
★ With the help of this fried egg shape, a boring breakfast is upgraded to an absolute highlight. Use in the pan is child's play and your egg consumption could increase dramatically.
★ Saving time when preparing breakfast by simply separating the eggs in the pan. Ideal for fried eggs, scrambled eggs, Benedict eggs, eggs for breakfast sandwiches, omelets, donuts but also to be used with pancake batter and much more.
★ They are made of food-safe silicone. There was no unpleasant smell. It works wonderfully for eggs, and pancakes. The molds are made of 100% food-safe silicone and therefore also heat-resistant up to 330 degrees, they also do not deform in the hot pan.
★ After use, the silicone mold can be easily cleaned with hot water or put in the dishwasher. It takes up very little space in the cupboard, as you can stack different shapes very well on top of each other.

1 X Cake mould
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